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Let's get "LOST"

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A DHARMA Initiative Swan Station logo t-shirt, by Flickr user Quemas.

It turns out that a visible number of us on the writing staff here at DIY Life are obsessed with ABC's Lost: if any posts get written on Thursday nights in the next few months, between watching the show and hanging out on spoiler sites for crumbs of information about what might happen next week, it will be entirely coincidental.

OK, I'm joking... a little. The point is that I don't know anyone who feels lukewarm about the show: it's either devoted love, a combative relationship ("They're driving me crazy! Why do they keep introducing more mysteries?!"), or complete disinterest.

It seems like this anecdotal observation also plays out in a few other places, like in the Craftster community. Please join us after the break for a look at plenty of mostly-recent Lost projects from Craftster and a few other places, with spoilers through Season Three. We have fish biscuits and DHARMA Initiative soda -- don't miss out!

In the Lost fandom, there seems to be two major types of DIY projects: regular crafts like cloth dolls, t-shirts, and embroidery, and themed parties, with food similar to the food actually seen on the show.

Party time!

Appropriate food for a Lost-themed party includes both simple "hunted and gathered" food, of the kind that the plane crash survivors ate during the first season of the show (fish, pork, mango), and the generic-looking DHARMA Initiative rations that became part of the Lost's milieu in the second season, after The Hatch was opened.

It seems like these parties have mostly been held to celebrate the premiere or the finale of a season of Lost. The majority of the crafty effort seems to go towards creating DHARMA labels with which to re-brand existing food (which we'll address a bit later in this article), but that's not totally necessary to successfully carry out this theme.

A few weeks ago, Endlessly_intricate* asked for some party ideas, also showing off last year's party items: DHARMA Initiative soda made from bottled Jones Soda, along with sugar cookie "fish biscuits." Since then, the same person posted their creations for this year's premiere party: a bucket of chicken from Mr. Cluck's, where Hurley worked, more fish biscuits, and plenty of DHARMA rations (a two-liter bottle of cola, packages of saltine crackers, and both peanut butter and "pretend peanut butter" in honor of Charlie).

In an older thread, Divinemadness also requested ideas for a Lost premiere party. Topics that came up include making the island in cake form, palm-tree-shaped cookies, using Goldfish Crackers as miniature "fish biscuits," making sushi, and serving food on palm leaves or food-service style foil trays.

Just before we got our first glimpses of DHARMA Initiative rations, and more than a year before fish biscuits were a glimmer on the horizon, Craftsters helped Enyo with party ideas. Suggestions -- many of which were Enyo's own concepts -- included wearing old clothes, drinking out of water bottles with cut-off tops (as the survivors of Flight 815 tended to do in the first season), decorating doorways with vine garlands, making "plane wreckage" with a creatively draped and decorated silver cloth, and representing "The Hatch" with a disposable metal cooking pan. The snacks served at this party were oranges and gummi Swedish Fish candies.

A few links outside of Craftster have been mentioned on these threads:

About a year ago, Kat at Kung Foodie posted a recipe for fish biscuit cookies. The recipe itself is one for Citrus Sugar Cookies that originally appeared in Bon Appétit in December, 1995; it has been reprinted on You'll need Kat's suggestions to turn the sugar cookies into credible fish biscuits, though: she even has a handy template for you to download. (Remember: "it only took the bears two hours!" )

Amber of the excellent blog My Aim Is True has also hosted a Lost party, one which seems more elaborate than almost anything that was discussed on Craftster. She had vegan cupcakes with tiny toy planes "crashing" into the frosting on top, skewers with thematically-appropriate food like "wild boar" (grilled pork tenderloin), grilled shrimp, and tropical fruit, "raw fish" (smoked salmon) with crackers, and raw vegetables with "DHARMA Ranch Composite" dressing. Follow Amber's lead if you don't want to mess around much with image editing programs (though the entertaining invitation to Amber's Lost party is a good example of Fun With Photoshop).

Next time we'll focus on more DHARMA themed ideas, coming up tomorrow.

* Bold-face names in this post refer to Craftster user accounts unless otherwise noted.


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