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onions and potatoesI am notorious for letting my onions get so old that they start sprouting baby onions. Tempted by the savings, I buy in bulk, but we just don't use them fast enough. Potatoes are the same story. I was interested to learn that with a few simple changes to my storage techniques, I could significantly extend the life of my onions and potatoes.

According to this instructables post, leaving them in plastic produce bags will lead to molding and sprouting. Onions and potatoes should be stored separately in a dry, dark place. Your pantry is probably the best place, but you'll have to make some room by organizing it first. You don't need to invest in storage baskets, simply use brown paper bags. The original post is very helpful, illustrating how to cut down the paper bags for an easy storage solution.

Do you have any other kitchen storage questions? Leave them in the comments and we'll source out the answers for you.

[Via: Daily DIY]



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