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Crocheted Cthulhu amigurumi by Leathra for week saw the release of a new issue of The AntiCraft, the free online craft magazine for people who might prefer spiders and bats to sunshine and daisies. This time, it's all about crochet... and setting cheese on fire.

The new issue is, more or less, amigurumi-themed. Like most concepts tackled at the site, it's been interpreted with a darkly funny twist: sure, there are cute animals, but one is Cthulhu and the other is a Dungeons and Dragons monster called a "Beholder" (it has a lot of eyes). There's also a small "eyeball" bag for jewelry or dice, a chainsaw and ax for horror fans, and a (knitted) cover for knitting needles shaped like an anatomical heart.

One of these days, someone is going to come up with an amigurumi version of the Cloverfield monster, or the smaller-but-equally-distressing critter from the 2006 Korean film, The Host. Interested parties will have this issue of The AntiCraft to tide them over until that day comes.

  • mizzytizzybangs

    I need to learn to crochet. Someday a cuddly Beholder will be mine!

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