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A body oil is just as easy and can be used as a massage oil, a bath oil or for massage. I love to use rice bran oil, but olive oil and sunflower oil work just as nicely and are readily available at the market (for when you are picking up your chocolates, of course!).

To each ounce of oil, add:
- 5 drops vanilla infusion
- 1 drop cinnamon (go easy because this essential oil can feel sensitive on the skin when used in large amounts)
- 3 drops ylang ylang
- 2 drops patchouli
- 4 drops sweet orange

Now who said you couldn't create your own romantic mood?

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Valentine's Day Scentual Oils(click thumbnails to view gallery)


  • Ellen

    Did you know that rice oil has more antioxidants and vitamin E than most oils including olive oil. Rice Oil makes the best massage oil and it is soft and not greasy on the skin.

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