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Living the DIY Life: February 9-15, 2008

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DIY Life Weekly BestThis week we find ourselves in a peculiar position, in that last week saw many awesome posts related to a holiday which has now passed us by. If that holiday were Thanksgiving or Christmas, this weekly spotlight would be brief indeed: who wants Santa-themed items in January?

Luckily, it was Valentine's Day: romance and thoughtfulness never go out of season. Some of our Valentine-related posts that might continue to interest you are:

We didn't only talk about l'amouuuuur, though. Please join me after the break to see cool posts that had absolutely nothing to do with either hearts or flowers: learn how to lay a tile floor, get started in electronic crafts, and make cute stuffed animals. Of course, you'll also find our usual reminders about important product recalls, and last week's top three posts.

We've been working hard on improving your experience here at DIY Life, so you'll see some new categories -- like beauty and papercraft -- in the browsing menus just under our logo at the top of each page. Also, a few of us have begun to present our posts as regular columns. One new column, Dear DIY, needs help from you: we'd like to know if you have any questions for us! We'd love to help you in any way we can.

Another new column is Kelly Smith's Perpetual Remodeling Syndrome. In this week's PRS column, Kelly taught us how to lay ceramic tile floors, and tackled one of our favorite subjects, choosing the right glue for a particular job. (Check out the reader comments on that glue post for more useful information.)

Another great article on the topic of construction and home repair was Bill Volk's An easy way to insulate and skirt an elevated structure. Heck, all of Kelly's posts and Bill's posts are worth your time if you like to build or fix things around the house. (They're not the only ones, but it was particularly difficult to choose just one or two bits of their excellent work this past week.) Meanwhile, Mike Johnson had plans to add a "ship's telescope" to your kids' outdoor play-set.

From a more tech-oriented POV, we had Ian Lesnet's Program a PIC microcontroller. Ian says that microcontrollers are the "brains" of many of the awesome projects he designs, so learning to program one will both make those projects easier for you, and set you on the road to designing your own! If you've been looking for an article that will help you get started in electronic crafts, you'll be very pleased.

Bridging the tech/craft gap was Victor Agreda, Jr.'s Definitive guide to DIY iPod+Nike shoe hacks -- in case you don't want to get locked into buying Nikes, and don't want to destroy your fave pair of kicks in an attempt to retrofit them.

Everyone probably knows by now that more traditional crafts are very close to my heart. My favorites this week:

Product recalls from Anna Sattler:

(The fact that half the recalls we post here seem to be candle-related is beginning to make me nervous.)

Our top three posts this past week were strictly in Valentine territory:

See you next week!


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