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You've picked out the perfect new cabinets, and installed them yourself. Congratulations! Now you are ready to move on to the counter tops. What do you do? You can't place regular tiles on your masterpiece. You want to use solid granite, but the cost is way too high. You consider using stone tiles to achieve the same look, but we all know that even with the best installation you will still be able to see all those joints.

Granite2Go has come to the rescue for the DIYer in this quandary. Partnering exclusively with The Home Depot, they have arranged for 3 colors of granite to be stocked in some the home improvement giant's retail stores.

The slabs that will be stocked are 8 feet long and 25.5 inches deep. They are 2cm thick with the edge pre finished as an ogee style edge that uses an additional 2cm build up to achieve the proper thickness for the edge. The granite slabs are stocked in 3 colors. Three of the edges com finished, and the slabs also come with 2 side splashes so you can use the slabs where ever you need to with out having to purchase additional granite.

By making the slabs one length and standardizing the edge, Granite2Go has been able to allow the Home Depot to stock their slabs at $18.16 per square foot! That is an amazing price for solid granite slabs. The regular price for these 8 foot slabs is $399.

If 8 feet is too long or not long enough, Granite2Go's web site has a how to video you can watch online. There are also DVDs available in the stores that stock the slabs as well. Not all the stores are stocking this item as of this article. It has been rolled out to 48 stores so far as they test the program. Their web site promises more colors and a special order program for the future if the test runs go well.

The online video does an excellent job of making working with the slabs easy. According to the site all you need is a 4 1/2" grinder, the right blades and polishing discs, some epoxy and hand tools to do what ever you need to do to the slab. Need to lose the decorative edge on one or both sides? Whack it off and use the included side splashes. The video even shows the proper way to make a corner so you can use the slabs to do a kitchen no matter what size or shape.

Hopefully you are lucky enough to have one of the test stores in you area so you can take advantage of this great DIY deal!


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