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Baby Oil Uses - Unusual Uses

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Baby oil uses extend beyond bare bottoms and cradle cap. This multitasker is all grown up and ready to tackle plenty of jobs around the house.

baby oil uses Jb Reed, Bloomberg via Getty Images

(Additional research by Anna Sattler)

Baby oil isn't just for babies. Yep, baby oil uses go beyond the nursery (and no, we're not referring to sunbathing). In fact, you can use baby oil all over the house, from the laundry room to the bathroom. Here are some clever baby oil uses.

Baby Oil Uses: Gooey Gummy Messes
Whether you've stepped in gum, dropped it, or your kids have made a major mess with it, grab some baby oil. All you have to do is saturate the gum with baby oil. Leave it on the surface for a minute or so and then wipe it away with a paper towel or comb it out. If you need to remove the oil, wipe with white vinegar to break up the oil!

baby oil usesPhoto: Getty Images

Baby Oil Uses: Sticky Shredder Solver
If your paper shredder is sticking and isn't doing the job any more, don't but a new one, try this. Lay a couple of pieces of paper on a baking sheet and squirt it with a little baby oil. Let the oil soak into the paper and then shred. The oil will lubricate the shredder while it's shredding.

Baby Oil Uses: Bargain Baby Wipes
Cut a paper towel roll in half so you end up with two halves that look like toilet paper rolls. Put them in an airtight container, a coffee can or formula can is a great fit. Mix one and a half cups of water, and a tablespoon each of baby shampoo and baby oil. Pour it over the towels and let them soak. When they're good and wet, pull out the center core and pull your homemade wipes easily one by one out of the center.

Baby Oil Uses: Scummy Soap Build-Up Remover
You can keep nasty soap scum from building up on shower curtains and shower doors by coating them with a little baby oil. Be careful not to let any drip onto the floor, it's slippery! Now if you've already got soap scum, use some baby oil to break through that hardened scum. Just put some on a wash cloth and scrub the that scum away.

Baby Oil Uses: Dusting Helper
Apply a small amount of baby oil to a lint free dust cloth. Working in a circular motion, apply oil to wood furniture. Once the oil has been worked into the wood, go over it again with a clean micro fiber cloth working with the grain of the wood for a beautiful, flawless finish.

baby oil usesPhoto: Getty Images

Baby Oil Uses: Zipper Helper
Stubborn zippers are no match for baby oil; use a cotton swab to lightly coat both sides of the zipper. Then work the zipper back and forth several times; it'll work like new!

Baby Oil Uses: Dish and Glass Unsticker
If you have a dish or glass stuck to a wood tabletop, don't try to pull it off or you'll damage the finish. Instead, squirt some baby oil around the base of the dish and let it sit for a few minutes. A gentle twist and the dish should pull off easily without damaging the tabletop.

Baby Oil Uses: Paint Problem Solver
If you get paint on your skin, rub a little baby oil into it with a washcloth to easily remove those splatters from your skin.

Baby Oil Uses: Bandage Saver
To remove a plastic bandage without pain and without leaving behind a sticky mess, use a cotton ball to cover the bandage with baby oil. Leave it for a minute and then easily remove the bandage. This tip is great especially if you have little ones who tend to scream when you pull that bandage off.

Baby Oil Uses: Bug Deterrent
Rub some baby oil on exposed skin before you go outside to keep bugs at bay.

Tip: Since baby oil is essentially mineral oil plus fragrance, you can use mineral oil in place of baby oil, if you so wish.

Please leave us a comment and tell us your creative baby oil uses!

  • diane.rixon

    Great suggestions, Anna! I will try the one for using baby oil to remove product stickers. That sticker residue drives me nuts!!

  • M.E. Williams

    Mineral oil isn't that great for your skin, though: it's known for its fantastic ability to clog pores (same with petrolatum/Vaseline, which I would only use on my feet and cuticles). You can use most of these tips with olive, jojoba, sweet almond, etc etc., with less of a downside.

  • J Riggs

    Someone told me that a little baby oil on your puppy's feet will releive the itching, or at least make him stop biting his feet. Do you know whether this is true? Thanks

  • Anna Sattler

    I would consult a vet to find out why or what your dog may be allergic to, and whether or not it may be chewing on it's feet out of boredom. I would think that a dab of baby oil rubbed into the pads and sore spots would be just fine, but again, consult a veterinarian.

  • Nikki Ngo

    I am allergic to fragance in baby oil. You had mentioned using straight mineral oil. I am confused when I search for mineral oil because it has all these names. Which mineral oil should I use to take off eye/brow make-up? Do you have to dilute the oil? Thank you in advance.

  • Anna Sattler

    I recommend straight mineral oil. You do not have to dilute the oil. Put just a dab on a cotton ball, remove your makeup and then wash your face per usual. I also recommend using petroleum jelly, if you would rather stay away from the oil. Just dab the petroleum jelly on your makeup and remove with a warm wet washcloth.

  • Nelson patino

    Baby Oil and Mineral Oil are also great for vinyl, rubber and leather. I use it on the plastic trim inside and outside my car. Works great, better than Armor All. And it does not run when it gets wet like Armor All and lasts alot longer. Best price I have found so far is at the store Dollar Tree; 14 Oz.- $1.00.

  • Carmen

    I have extremely curly hair that frizzes a LOT, and an extremely dry and itchy scalp. I hate using gels, but just recently started using baby oil in my hair. My scalp does not itch anymore, and my hair does not frizz. I apply about a dime sized amount to my scalp as soon as I get out of the shower, and use a comb, not a brush. I recommend for all those with dry scalps to try this, and stop using all that nasty, gooky, and expen$ive gel! =)

  • kathys

    I put baby oil all over my WET skin after I get out of the bathtub, from my face to the bottoms of my feet. I am allergic to so many lotions and this keeps my skin moist and soft, especially in the winter. It absorbs quickly into the wet skin and does not leave an oily feeling. Then just dry off as usual.

  • scalpinfections

    There are many definitions and symptoms commonly described as "scalp infections". There are in fact quite a few quite different reasons why your scalp may be sore, itchy, inflamed burning red or infected.

  • Carly

    Would baby oil do any damage to car paint?

  • annabellesmommy

    if you put one or two drops of baby oil into your ear it will dissolve wax plugs and help drain out ear fluid left over from an ear infection. but i don't recommend putting anything into your ears if you aren't sure if you have a healthy ear drum. it's also safe for babies ears too if their eardrum is healthy :)

  • Michael

    Baby oil or mineral oil is the by-product of when they turn petroleum into gasoline. I would think twice before purchasing it again. It's a strange world when a company adds fragrance to fossil fuels and we rub them into the bodies of our children.

    There are many alternatives. I prefer almond or avacado oil for skin purposes.

  • Shill23

    I have the worst fingernails... they are thin, brittle, and I have NEVER been able to grow them long enough to even have much of a white tip- because they are so torn and ugly by then that I have to cut and start over. Rub baby oil on them a couple of times a week- and I PROMISE you will have amazing nails!!! Mine are healthy & strong- and the only reason I have to trim them now is when they get too long. The oil soaks into the nail- and stays reguardless of how many times you wash your hands. It provides a protective barrier- which means I rarely even have to file them because they stay straight and even- even when I bump them against things that would normally chip or cause them to break. Trust me- this is my best found beauty secret... IT WORKS!!!

  • Dick

    I would never use this stuff on my skin! It's a petroleum oil.

  • Richie

    Until recently I have always suffered with a dry itchy scalp. At times it was so bad it would drive me crazy. Over time I have tried just about every shampoo available, including those for sensitive scalps, and nothing helped. I recently tried massaging baby oil into wet hair/scalp, leaving it for an hour or two, then rinsing through with warm water. I did this for 2-3 days and it totally solved the problem.

  • Chris

    Is baby oil REALLY a gasoline by product? I had a patch of dry skin on my chest and I used it everyday for 2 weeks after taking a shower and the dryness has gone away...

  • Dorie

    I use baby oil to remove tar from my feet and shoes. Certain beaches in CA have natural tar seepage, and it's almost impossible to avoid getting tar on yourself. Baby oil takes it right off.

  • Steph S.

    I buy a lot of large outdoor play equipment for my kids: like little Tykes. If you rub baby or mineral oil on them before you put them out in the sun, they will not fade. It's kind of like sunblock for plastic. This is great if you want to try and resell them after your kids out grow them.


  • allysha

    I love the baby oil with vitamin E and aloe.
    1. I use it to shave with instead of soap or creams, and it leaves my legs silky smooth.
    2. i work in inclement weather and i have applied it directly to windburn and sunburn, and noticed the immediate relief as well as MUCH FASTER healing properties than regular moisturizers, or repair products.
    3. when applied every day it seems to make my skin stronger… you know how when you get a head cold and go through a box of kleenexes a day? and your nose gets raw and red and sore, maybe the skin cracks and peels? That doesnt happen to my nose if i use this as a moisturizer.

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