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77 surprising expiration dates

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condimentsI only recently learned that tea bags expire. I've always bought new interesting teas and kept them around for company. I have tea in the drawer that has been through more than one move. Go ahead, and have a good laugh at my domestic disability, but this leaves me wondering what else we have hanging around long past its expiry date.

Real Simple to the rescue again, with this list of surprising expiration dates. There were a few consumables that really surprised me. I am always drawn to new kinds of salad dressing, enticing new names, lower fat versions of old favorites and 2 for 1 bargains make my fridge full of barely used bottles of salad dressing. Knowing now that they are only good for 9 months, I'll have to do a little fridge door clean-up. Beer was the other big surprise, learning that it is only good for 4 months unopened. It would be highly unusual for beer to hang around the house for 4 month without being opened, but if it did, I know we wouldn't have hesitated to drink it. Now we'll think twice.

The list doesn't stop with food, they offer expiration dates for household items and beauty products too. These are less likely to have dates printed on them, and you're less likely to go looking for an expiration because they don't seem like products that would need one. Here are a few of the most shocking in the household and beauty categories:
  • Tooth whitening strips: 1-3 months
  • Perfume: 1-2 years
  • Mascara: 3-4 months opened
  • Windex and Mr. Clean: 2 years
  • Bleach: 3-6 months
There are 77 in total. Have a look through the list. What surprises you most?
[Via: Life hacker]



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