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kid's photo muralWhen it comes to decorating their bedroom, we let our kids choose the paint color, and some fun bedding. With our voice of reason we've managed to avoid painting a large Lightning McQueen on the wall, but we still needed to personalize the room in a way we could all live with. We wanted something that wouldn't quickly become a symbol of last year's kiddie trend, but was something that they would love to look at, feel proud of, and be somehow a reflection of their own little uniqueness. We decided to make our own photo mural. This project is great for any age. Make it yourself for over baby's crib, let your preschoolers help make one for their room or let teenagers use it to express their own individuality. This is super simple, quick and easily changed over the years. Get them involved in choosing the supplies. Here's what you need to get started:
  1. Tacks
    The push-pin style will be safer in case there are little ones in the room. If you'd rather avoid tacks all together, poster gum will achieve the same thing. I personally like the look of tacks, especially in a variety of bright colors.

  2. Picture frames
    Get a few in bright colors, or better yet, let your kids paint and decorate plain ones. This is a great way for them to add that personal touch.

  3. School border
    These come in many themes. We chose a space border, because the boys love space, but you'll find princess, sports, seasons, and other choices at your local office or school supply store.

  4. Photos
    This is the really fun part. Let your children choose pictures of themselves and their friends and family. If you want to, take some pictures of them with their friends dressing up, or making goofy faces. If you have younger children, you might want to choose pictures of important people in their lives, like Grandma and some special friends. If you have older ones, let them put together a collection of pictures that reflects their life at that stage.
After the break, I'll explain how to put this all together.

How to make a kid's photo mural(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Put up your boarderFrame your best picturesChoose your other pictures

Putting together this photo display is pretty straightforward. There isn't any right or wrong way to do it, but I'll share the approach we took. First, cut the school border down and put it up on the wall in the shape of a giant picture frame. Everything will go inside this, so make sure you leave enough space. Next, we chose some larger pictures to frame. Choosing only a few makes those ones really stand out. Put these up first. The other pictures are smaller, but vary in size. Letting the boys choose where they wanted things placed, we pinned up the pictures one by one around the frames. This was a great time to talk about the pictures and why they'd chosen each one.

You have huge flexibility with how you approach this project. The gallery shows how ours turned out. Depending on the age of child, the style they like and the photos you use, you can end up with wildly different results. Decorating a kid's room can be a big job, this photo mural is fun, creative and somewhat temporary, meaning that you can keep it fresh and dynamic by changing the photos often. Don't be tempted by giant Mickey Mouse decals; let them participate in creating their own mural and you'll end up with something that is truly reflective of their own authentic self.


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