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Make Your Own Wood Putty

Filed Under: home decor, weekend projects, wood working

Woodworking is one of my hobbies. I like to design my own projects rather than work from someone else's plans. Before my daughter was born I designed and built her crib. It turned into more work than I anticipated and I barely finished it in time. The picture here is a two drawer box I made out of poplar (sides, top, bottom), zebrawood (drawer faces), and rosewood (drawer handles).

But over the course of time I've picked up some pretty nice tricks. Like making my own wood putty. It amazes me when people buy putty when finishing their projects. There are a lot of colors on the shelf out there, but they're just close matches.

Here's what to do; when you're finish-sanding the project, or cutting the pieces initially, save the sawdust. Then when you get to putty time, use a putty knife to make a stiff mixture with sawdust and Elmer's white glue. The glue dries clear, gives your project a bit more strength, and all you see is matching wood color. Do the final sanding and the joints are virtually invisible. And it costs only pennies!


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