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I don't know where you live, but here we're already getting spring weather, which means a blistering summer isn't far off. What does this mean in my home? A constantly running air conditioner. To help out with the energy bill, we have ceiling fans in every room but the kitchen and the bathrooms. This allows us to run the thermostat a bit warmer and the savings on the electrical bill really build up.

If you aren't already maxed out with ceiling fans yet, this is the time to do it. Although I'll provide you with this link for installing a new ceiling fan, let me go over some of your choices when you go shopping.

Ceiling fans are a lot like sinks or faucets – you can spend as much as you want to depending on the fanciness and the bells and whistles. I just recently retired the fan in the living room and installed a new one. I bought a model that has lights bundled with it. That old "killing two birds with one stone" thing. I also bought an extra down-rod since we've got a vaulted ceiling. Don't do what I did, though. I relied on the chart on the wall at Home Depot telling which length to use. I had to go back for a shorter one; the first one would have guaranteed me a haircut!

So, get ready for the summer now. There are many models out there so you won't have any problem finding one to fit the your room's motif .


  • Josh

    I've always heard a ceiling fan should blow down in the winter (hot air rises) and up in the summer (cold air sinks). The article says the opposite. Does anyone know?

  • Kelly

    It's actually correct in the article, predicated on ceiling registers. I should have pointed that out. In the summer, blowing down, the cold air is not only pushed down faster, but the air flow provides a cooling effect. You are right that warm air rises, but if the fan is blowing up, the cool air not only goes up instead of down, but the rising warm air warms up the cool air.

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