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How to write a love song

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song lyricsMy husband's birthday was on Valentine's day and our two boys wrote him a song. Our 4 year old made up the lyrics, and together with his 2 year old brother, practiced tirelessly until they got all the words, music and moves exactly how they wanted it. Their performance was nothing like some of the little rehearsals I'd seen them do (what do you mean they aren't robots!) but they sure were proud of their song and Daddy thought it was the sweetest thing ever. Children don't need how-to articles to tap into their creative side. They simply have it. It might be because they aren't clouded by the same daily stresses, or that they aren't afraid to look silly, but they just go for it and as a result, tap into their personal creativity so much more freely than we do.

Songwriting isn't just for worry-free preschoolers, tormented teenagers and professional musicians. You can do it too. Maybe you're writing a song because you didn't live up to your Valentine's day responsibilities, or maybe you're inspired to put some of your thoughts to music. It doesn't matter what your style or topic, these guiding principles will help you write a great song. Offering 17 tips, the article walks you through everything from tapping into your creativity, understanding the building blocks of song creation, lyrical and musical choices, finding the hook, and getting feedback.

You might sign a big record deal, perform for a friend or add a new song to your shower set. Regardless of where you go with your songwriting skills, you'll get huge satisfaction from having produced an original piece of music from scratch.



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