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15 ways to prepare your home for a showing

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font view of houseWe're planning a move in the next couple of months. The Realtor came over to give us an appraisal and walk us through the sales process. As he walked through our little house he said, "I see why you're moving."

He let us know that the clutter would make prospective buyers feel like their family might also be too cramped in the house. He pointed out that much of the new flooring and freshly painted walls didn't show because they were lined with toy boxes, instruments, and book shelves.

A couple of days later, we rented storage and cleared out everything that wasn't essential to daily living. The difference was incredible!

Clearing out clutter is just one way to prepare your home for showings. Aside from taking care of minor repairs and finishing those lingering DIY projects, you might also want to stage your home. Learning how to prepare your home for the perfect showing can mean selling faster and for a higher price. Lori Matzke gives 15 tips to effective home staging.

Among her suggestions she talks about the impact of natural light. Open all your blinds and curtains and let your home show off its natural, cheerful side. Keep in mind, though, that natural light exposes dirty windows and finger prints. Open your curtains and do a thorough clean during the day so that you know exactly what buyers are seeing.

Another suggestion that we're using for all of our showings is number 7, using flora. Fresh flowers in the kitchen and newly planted colorful flowers in our outdoor pots look fabulous. I think my husband is afraid that I'm going to get used to the beautiful bouquets we have had in the kitchen over the past month!

Our home has yet to sell, so I'll keep you posted about how we modify these strategies over time, but they sound like a great place to start.



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