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Emperor and Empress dolls for Hinamatsuri -- Japan's Girls' Day. by Flickr user m-louis.

This past Monday, March 3rd, was the yearly celebration of Hinamatsuri in Japan.

The name is variously translated as "Girls' Day" or "The Doll Festival." Although it functions as a day devoted to prayer for the growth and happiness of young girls, and probably originated as a celebration of the year's first peach blossoms (an alternate name is Momo no sekku, or "Peach Festival"), special ornamental dolls have become synonymous with the holiday.

Hinamatsuri is fun for little girls and their parents, and also appealing if you love to buy or create miniatures, or just have an interest in Japanese culture. Please join us after the break for more information about a few of the holiday's traditions, the dolls themselves, and lots of links to free downloads and projects.

Keep reading for more info, history and projects you can do

Hinamatsuri doll examples(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Hina-ningyo clothHina doll stylesA variety of hina dollsStylized stone dolls for HinamatsuriA relatively complete hina-ningyo for Hinamatsuri

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