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Kiddie Crafts - Wax paper stained glass

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children holding up artworkThe rich history of stained glass art is one that I've enjoyed learning about. The science of glass is fascinating in and of itself, so if the kiddies that you're crafting with aren't really kiddies anymore, then it might be worth turning this into a little art history class too. We won't be actually working with glass, but learning a bit about the origins of a given medium are always beneficial.

The actual project involves wax paper and is fool proof for your toddlers. They can make a picture or deliberate design if they are able, but scribbles will look great too so there really are no rules. This easily created stained glass look-alike is great for school age children too. They will be more detailed in their design, and you can encourage them to apply techniques they learned about while exploring the art's history. Suggest that they choose an artist or a period to reflect in their work.

Here's what you'll need:
  1. Wax paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue
  4. Tape
  5. Construction paper
  6. Crayons
After the break I'll explain how to take the few materials listed above and make a fun window decoration. The gallery shows each step along the way so make sure to check it out.

Kiddie crafts - Stain glass window art(click thumbnails to view gallery)

materialsCut a square piece of wax paperColor on the wax paperCut strips of construction paperStrips of construction paper

Here's how to make your stained glass window hanging:
  1. Cut a square piece of wax paper
  2. Color on it with crayon
    If you have younger children, I'd suggest taping the paper to the table so that it doesn't bunch up as they try to color on it. Keep in mind that you will be adding a construction paper window frame, so don't decorate too close to the edges or in center space that might be hidden by the paper.
  3. Cut the construction paper into 6 strips
    Cut four or six strips of construction paper the length of the wax paper square. You will need four for a simple frame and six to make it look like a window design.
  4. Glue the construction paper strips to the wax paper
    Depending on the drawing, you might choose to leave it open and just glue the paper along the perimeter. If space allows, the window affect is really attractive.
  5. Display your window art
    Hang the stained glass look-alike in your window. Your kiddie crafters will love to watch the springtime sun shine through and bounce off their window art. I only hope that eyes will be on these new window decorations and not all the fingerprints on my window.
I'm sure school classrooms have been doing this craft for ages, but my particular inspiration came from the March 2008 print issue of chirp magazine. So far, Kiddie crafts have valentine butterflies, origami cootie-catchers, and a photo mural. Is there a particular project that you'd like instructions for? Maybe there is an age of child that you're finding it difficult to find appropriate crafts for? Share your suggestions in the comments.


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