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How to get gum off your shoe

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Gum alleyWe've all had that horrifying moment where we realize that we've stepped on gum. You can't avoid those colored wads of discarded gum that line the city sidewalks and sky-train stations. You can frantically wipe your shoe on the grass, or try to pick it off with a tissue, but nothing quite gets it off.

If you're wondering how to remove gum from your shoes, you'll find these tips helpful.

There are three suggestions in the full article, but I think the freezing method sounds the most reliable. Put your gummy shoe in a plastic grocery bag. Make sure that the gum is pressed up against the plastic. Put the bag in the freezer for a couple of hours, letting the gum freeze completely. Take it out and pull the shoe apart form the plastic bag. The gum will stick to the bag, leaving the shoe clean. If there is any residue left behind it should be easy enough to chip off while it's still frozen.



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