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Low-flush toilet hack

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Toilet tankYesterday we talked about going green in the bathroom and the many ways that we can reduce our water consumption. It is suggested that we switch to low-flush toilets. This is probably the most recommended solution, and many cities even offer credits and rebates toward the purchase.

Ultimately, the goal is to go green, so can the same result be achieved with the old toilet while avoiding a new purchase -- and its inevitable end in the landfill? Yes, it can, thanks to this article teaching us how to convert any toilet into a low flush toilet.

The conversion is dead simple. All you do is fill a half gallon container part way with pebbles or other heavy material, then top it off with water. Put the jug in your toilet tank, where it will displace the water. You'll save a half gallon of water per flush. That's a significant savings in each household; just imagine if your neighbors got on board too! Have a read through the full instructions and the helpful tips, then pass it on to a friend.

[via: Lifehacker]


  • Peter

    You can just lower the float for the same effect.
    Of course you don't want to lower it so much that the toilet requires two flushes, then you're using more water.

  • Glynnjamin

    I just keep a bottle of booze in mine...displaces water and keeps it chilled.

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