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Sushi rice perfection can be yours

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sushiWe are a sushi-loving family. Even our three-year-old will tell you his favorite food is sushi. He is so enthusiastic about it, in fact, that it comes out more like "suuuuuuushi." The dog has even been known to snatch a piece or two.

Making your own sushi can be a little tricky, we have found. It is easy to find sushi-grade fish these days, and aside from the nori sometimes being a bit tough, the real challenge is getting the rice to be just the right consistency and flavor.

Let's imagine it now, shall we? Sticky, but not mushy. A little salty, a tad sweet, and just a mild tang from the rice vinegar.

Looking for a tutorial or some recipes to help achieve sushi rice perfection? Mahalo has a list of the ingredients and ratios you will need. They don't offer cooking instructions for the rice, but they do link to other recipes that do, from famous chefs like Alton Brown, who is known for his precision and attention to detail.

So what are you waiting for? Start that water boiling, assemble your ingredients, and make some perfect sushi rice.


  • Michael

    This site also has a good video showing how to make it. I used the recipe and it turned out perfect.

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