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Get the nasty off your MacBook with toothpaste

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Cleaning a MacBook with toothpaste
My Mother-in-law just got a black MacBook. I teased her a little that the white one would have been just fine for her email and occasional surfing needs, but she insisted that she wanted the black one. She argued that it looked better and wouldn't get as dirty as the white one. I argued that it doesn't get that dirty, but the truth is that my little white MacBook (which was a crisp white only a few months ago) is in serious need of a good cleaning.

I found this tip, from Lifehacker reader, Joshua. He says that toothpaste will restore the bright white on our MacBooks the same way it does on our teeth. Could this really work? I don't know yet, but I'm going to check it out. Follow me through the break and we'll try this out.

How to clean your MacBook with toothpaste(click thumbnails to view gallery)

BeforeUse toothpaste to clean your white MacBookSqueeze on the toothpasteRub it inWipe it off

It worked!

I rubbed Arm and Hammer whitening toothpaste on on my dirty computer, let it dry, and wiped it away with a damp cloth. My computer didn't have any stains, and I was reluctant to add one for the sake of testing Joshua's claim, but it sure was grungy. When I wiped away the toothpaste, the wrist-rest was noticeably whiter.

This toothpaste has baking soda in it. I'm sure that baking soda and water would do the job just as well, but my palms wouldn't smell as minty fresh.


  • Morgan

    Mr Clean magic erasers do the trick great too!

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