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lavender; laundry-bag; pouch; sachet; bath-bag; sleep-pouch; vintage-tableclothI love browsing in my two neighborhood thrift stores: if I had the time, I could spend hours there every day, checking out all the new things that come in. Inevitably, I come away with treasures that other people thought were trash cluttering up their lives.

One treasure I've found is vintage tablecloths. When I check them over, they have holes or scorch marks, but most of the time, the tablecloth is still usable for recrafting and repurposing.

Sommer Designs shows off some of the beautiful lavender sachets Carrie made from her collection of vintage tablecloths. Although it pained her to cut up her stack, she knew that she had to give them new life.

She decided to do that by cutting them up into 6 inch squares, matching up the wrong sides, stitching up three sides, turning them right side out, filling with lovely lavender, and sewing the last side closed. She finished off the sachet by adding a pretty vintage button to its center.

Here at DIY Life, we love lavender. Maureen told us how to fall asleep faster by making lavender sleep pouches. I previously told you how to make lavender laundry bags and your own herbal bath bags. All these posts use sachets, so get busy cutting up your ruined vintage tablecloths and make your own sleep pouch, bath bag, and laundry bag. Don't forget to check out Debra's scentual uses for lavender, an article full of fabulous recipes utilizing this lovely herb.

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