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essential oilsJoin me each week as I explore the naturally aromatic side of DIY. Helpful recipes for your "scentual" pleasure: from essential oils, herbs, and other botanicals to soap-making, body care products and other useful blends.

Haven't you always wanted a signature scent? A scent so perfect for you that others even notice how well it suits your personality and style? A custom perfume, if you will, all your own: borne of you, inspired by you, designed by you.

Can you do it? Can you really create your own all-natural personal scent blend, even when you have had little or no experience with essential oils?

You can, and you will.

First, a few safety rules.

Always dilute essential oils in a carrier oil. You run the risk of sensitization if you use an essential oil on your skin neat, or undiluted.

I cannot recommend organic jojoba strongly enough. Since jojoba is actually a wax, not an oil, it will not go rancid. It also matches your skin's sebum more closely than any other substance, so it will help your scent blend really become a part of you, melding your own skin's scent with the oils to make it truly unique.

Please refer to this guide from Aromaweb for more safety information, and for the real deal about which oils are not safe to use, visit Nature's Gift's contraindication page. The information there may surprise you.

After the break, I'll explain how you can get started creating your own blend with little emphasis on rules and a big focus on what you love.

There are a myriad of ways you can go about creating your own scent blend, and you can scour the internet to find rules of blending, how to use base notes, top notes and middle notes to balance your blend and ratios galore. Don't do it!

Keep in mind that most of your blend will probably be made up of middle notes, with some top notes to catch your attention and some base notes to linger and hold the scent together. Do what smells good to you. This blend is about you and no one else, so use your nose as your guide and have fun.

Step 1 -- Procure your stash of oils
Go somewhere local that sells essential oils and sniff. This may be a health food store, natural foods store or the like. Make a note of the scents you love and maybe even buy one or two, but you'll find the best bargains and the highest quality online.

In addition to purchasing the scents you love, keep these balancing ideas in mind:
  • Make sure you have some citrus, some herb, some wood, and some floral essential oils.
  • Order patchouli. You may loathe it (it is definitely a love/hate oil) but it does amazing things for grounding a blend while being barely detectable if used in small enough amounts. You are going to want it.
  • Vanilla is another grounding favorite of mine, and it smooths out the sharp corners of some scents. It is a must, and can be affordable if you purchase a vanilla infusion.

Step 2 -- Experiment
Once you have ordered several scents you love, begin to experiment with blending them. Start with only two oils and see what combinations smell good to you. Add new scents a drop at a time and see how the blend as a whole changes. Take good notes.

Sniff coffee beans when your nose gets overwhelmed by the smells. It's like clearing your olfactory palate.

Step 3 -- Create your blend
Now you know what you like and what smells good together. If you're making a body oil, add about 15 drops of your essential oil blend to the jojoba. For a perfume oil, try a 1:3 ratio of essential oils to jojoba.

Still not sure how you can do this? Here's an example to get you started.

I know I really like lavender, and I like the way it blends with just about anything. I know I wanted come citrus top notes and some spicy and earthy base notes, so my blend began like this:

10 drops lavender
3 drops sweet orange
4 drops lemon
3 drops patchouli
2 drops cinnamon

It wasn't what I wanted, so I added some ylang ylang -- 4 drops -- to accentuate lavender's floral, and to smooth out the citrus. Then I loved my blend!

Tell us in the comments about your experiences creating your own custom blends.

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    Excellent intro! Can't wait for more!

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