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Sushi cake

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maki-sushi cake is awesome! by craftster user .mila.I love the look of sushi, but unlike some other writers around here, I can't stand the taste of it. In fact, I can't even tolerate the flavor of fish! (Ironic, I know, given that I frequently post about Japanese stuff: I'd last about a day in Tokyo.) But there is something that I do famously love to eat, and that something is... cake.

I was therefore completely charmed by Craftster user .mila.'s Sushi Cake, created for a friend's birthday. It looks like a slice of kappa-maki (cucumber roll) or maybe anago-maki (saltwater eel roll), but no fish, seaweed, or rice is to be seen.

Instead, it's four layers of cake and chocolate mousse filling, with a layer of strawberries in the center.The "rice" is shredded coconut, the "nori" ("seaweed" wrap) is buttercream icing tinted green with food coloring, and the "filling" at the center of the roll, really just on top of the cake, is gummi candy in appropriate colors. Wasabi is represented by more green icing, and sliced strawberries stand in for the pink ginger (gari) that usually comes on the side. .Mila. even put chopsticks and soy sauce on the side.

I don't know about you, but I would be thrilled to eat this sushi on my next birthday.



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