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All week, I've been slowly preparing for this weekend's gutting of my kitchen. Arrangements made with brother-in-law to help? Check. Non-essential cupboards emptied? Check. Bedroom closets cleaned? Check. Wait... what? Ok, I got a little side-tracked with all the cleaning and organization.

In any case, as of yesterday, I had three days left to prepare. I planned to go scouting for boxes and label everything carefully as I packed it away. Then, I intended to create a little mini-kitchen for myself in our dining room so that we could still eat in during the renovation.

Then last night at 9:30 P.M., our cabinet installer called.

"Will you be ready for us tomorrow morning?" he asked.

"Only if tomorrow morning is really next Monday," I replied.

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He give me the scoop: We could either be ready in the morning, or wait an entire week while he finished another job. I did the math and figured that would leave me with a gutted kitchen and no progress for five whole days, something I wasn't prepared to deal with.

So we made some phone calls, and by 10 P.M., we were frantically stuffing everything from oatmeal to paring knives to dishware into plastic grocery bags (the only thing we had in the house), and stashing it all away.

At 6:45 this morning, my husband -- with the help of my stepdad -- started gutting the kitchen. They were finished in an impressive three hours, right around the time the contractors arrived.

What made the whole job more relaxing is that the contractors were awesome. They understood that not only were we aiming to do much of the job ourselves, but that we had been put into a time crunch. They worked around us while we moved electrical boxes and tweaked some plumbing issues. (My husband and stepdad just love it when I use "we" to mean "they". At least I took pictures and blogged about it, right?)

While I'm pleased things are moving along so quickly, we ate out three times today. That's simply not in our budget, so tomorrow I'm going to force myself to dig through all of those plastic bags and assemble some sort of meal preparation center. The good news is, I should have a working stove and microwave by tomorrow, but it's going to be another 10 days before I have a kitchen sink or countertops.

Are you planning a kitchen renovation? If so, here are some excellent tips for preparing your home ahead of time so that you don't find yourself unable to find even a spoon to stir your coffee, like I did.


  • mudbrrk

    do yourself a big favor and goto your favorite bigbox lumber store and buy a piece of plywood/osb/melamine, screw it temporarily to the top of your cabinets and install a kitchen sink into it for the time you are without counter can even make it big enough to have a food prep area. I have done this several dozen times in my kitchen reno career and it's always been a sanity saver.

  • Bethany Sanders

    Great idea! Thanks!

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