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New Knitty: Spring 2008

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Jaden by Ruby Lo from Knitty's Spring 2008 issue.What do knitters do as the weather begins to warm up? Well, it seems like most avoid knitting 100% alpaca sweaters (garments that may be too hot on even the coldest of days: there's a reason alpaca is usually sold as a blend!), and switch to smaller or lighter garments like cotton-blend sweaters, fancy socks, and feathery lace shawls.

The new Spring issue of Knitty, released on Tuesday afternoon, is all over that concept. The patterns this time around are, taken as a group, the most attractive I've seen from this magazine in a while: I don't think there's a dud in the bunch.

I'll discuss a few of my favorite patterns, as well as a few good articles, after the break.

I'm not sure there is a consistent design philosophy behind the pattern selections for the Spring issue, but much of it seems "Anthropologie-ish." (The chain's knitwear tends to be expensive enough that knocking it off has become a popular pastime for knitters.)

I think the real strength of this issue is in the sweaters and shawls, though everything is worth a look. Behold:

  • Jaden is a shapely scoop-neck sweater that is knit in a scalloping lace pattern below the bust and elbows. The design is detailed with ties, but you could leave them off if you want something simpler.
  • If you have much knowledge of fashion history (or even the "Vintage Knits" line from Vogue Knitting), you won't need to read the pattern intro to know that Marjorie is a retro-style sweater that references the 1950s. It has a jewel neck and 3/4-length sleeves, and is textured through the waist. Its classic good looks can be worn in a variety of ways. (Ironically, it's designed for a 100% alpaca yarn.)
  • Laminaria is an Estonian lace shawl, offered in two sizes, with a pattern that looks like twining leaves.
  • Yosemite is a body-conscious cotton sweater with a shawl collar, cap sleeves, and a cable pattern.
  • Paw cozy is a simple solution to a common problem: how do you keep your hands warm when you walk the dog in the winter, while still maintaining a good grip on the leash?

I don't like or wear vests; there are two in this issue (Talia and Honeycomb), and honestly, they're both attractive enough to make me rethink my feelings on this style of garment. There are also a few patterns for kids' garments, all in styles that are much more flattering on children than adults. Three interesting sock patterns, a scarf by Veronik Avery, and a few other accessories round out the pattern offerings.

There are articles, as usual. In my opinion, the most useful are:

Overall, if you like to knit, or think you might be interested in learning, you will probably find this issue unusually enjoyable. And if you just can't get enough of the fiber fun, Knitty also boasts spinning-related content.



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