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Laurie Crogan's inlay floorSometimes finding the right flooring, not to mention which material will most suit your lifestyle, is very difficult -- especially these days, when there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Then there's the hassle of installing your new flooring: if you've never done it before, you may want to have an expert walk you through your first installation, to save yourself some hard feelings (and/or damaged tiles).

Laurie Crogan has designed floors for the rich, the famous, the poor, and just about anyone else who doesn't like "ordinary." Her beautiful artsy inlay floors are absolutely magnificent, jaw dropping to look at, and are well known around the world.

I am totally amazed by Laurie's work. I know there are a few (ok, more than a few) of you out there who are more than willing to create your own designs. Why settle for boring? If you aren't interested in installing your own cork, linoleum, or vinyl composition tile flooring, though, Laurie will do it for you. You will have a new floor that all your neighbors will be in awe of, and once again, you will be the talk of the town.

[via: Craft]


  • Diane Rixon

    Beautiful. I'm liking that pic a lot -- liking the swirly, artsy design a lot better than the blocky designs I've seen before with linoleum.

  • Anna Sattler

    I know, like who knew linoleum could look so beautiful?? I so want her to design my floor!!

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