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vodkaDid you know that vodka has no scent? It does, however, have the ability to kill bacteria. That's what makes it the perfect antidote for musty smelling clothing that's been in storage. Spray the vodka on, hang to dry, and your clothes are as good as new!

That's just one new trick I learned in this article from Real Simple about surprising household deodorizers. Others include:
  • throwing lemon or orange peels into a stinky garbage disposal
  • eliminating freezer odor by wiping it down with a little vanilla extract
  • soaking plastic containers in baking soda, glass containers in a mixture of powdered mustard
  • using baking soda on rugs or furniture that need freshening up
  • eliminating that damp smell from your basement by leaving a cut onion down there overnight.
Vinegar is also an important part of any homemade cleaning kit, as any loyal DIY Life reader probably knows. What kinds of tricks do you have for ridding your home of pesky odors?


  • kramer

    Doesn't vinegar do the same thing as the vodka? And it's much cheaper. :)

  • Bethany Sanders


    I don't know. Vinegar is far from odorless. Does it dry odorless on clothing? That's a good question. Anyone know?

  • M.E. Williams

    Try cheap store-brand vodka. It works just as well for removing odors.

    Vinegar is fine for putting in a bowl in a closet or on a shelf (say, because you need to get the smell of a relative's smoke out of the room before friends show up, or vice-versa), and it *is* odorless if you add it to laundry with detergent, but it will linger if you just spray it on your clothing.

    So, use it in place of fabric softener, but Vodka is the better replacement for Febreze.

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