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pick-up truckThe other day I saw my neighbor using an herbicide to kill the grass that was growing up through the cracks in the driveway concrete. I asked him why he was using that expensive stuff (I think it was Round-Up or something similar).

I advised him to just use vinegar instead. Sorry, I don't recall where I first learned of this tip. I was doing some research on organic lawn care several years ago and ran across it. I believe it said that it was the acidity and Ph that did the killing.

This article on using vinegar as a herbicide says it's the acetic acid that's the active ingredient. But then it goes on to explain that common household vinegar is only 5% acetic acid, and as such, poo-poo's the idea that it's very effective. But shhhhhh, don't tell my driveway; it's been working for me and saving a ton of money!


  • M.E. Williams

    I don't know that herbicide is so expensive that I'd really worry about looking for a cheaper solution, personally. (YMMV of course! :) However, the toxicity is definitely a concern: vinegar seems like a much safer thing to be releasing in the great outdoors.

  • Phred

    Chemistry 101:
    pH is a measure of how acidic or basic a substance is. A pH less than 7 means it's an acid. More than 7 means base.
    5% acetic acid (CH3COOH) is the only ingredient in vinegar other than the 95% water.

  • Dave Baker

    I have used household vinegar with a little dishwashing soap to kill the weeds in the driveway and sidewalk cracks for a couple years now, works like a charm

  • Diane Rixon

    What a great idea. I will give this a try. Yet another great use for vinegar. Love anything that saves $$!

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