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Sew a water bottle carrier

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fabric water bottle carrierI'm trying to drink more water. In fact, I'm trying to get our whole family on board, carrying water bottles with us on weekend outings, avoiding our habitual Starbucks and Slurpee stops.

The only drawback to carrying a water bottle with you everywhere you go is that you have the burden of actually having to carry it. I often bring one in the car and leave it there, or stash it in my bag, but then don't actually pull it out the entire trip.

What I need is a handy water bottle holder that's easily accessible. It wouldn't hurt if it was a funky fashion accessory too!

The solution: Kathy Mack's fabric water bottle carrier.

Choose some fun fabric. Remember that you'll be using the carrier with a number of different outfits so go for something understated or totally off-beat, but don't try to match any one thing too closely.

The full tutorial gives all the cutting and sewing instructions, accompanied by pictures to help you along the way. Kathy offers great tips, including some after the fact reflections that would have made the project easier.

Take this inspiration for healthier living, and DIY creations, and share it with your friends. These water bottle carriers would make great gifts for children and adults.



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