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I was in desperate need of shelving to display my goods at upcoming craft fairs. I did quite a bit of searching on the good old internet, looking at what other people were using. I really needed to take price into account: I'm always one to pinch pennies where I can.

I noticed that in a lot of people's display pictures, they were using basic plastic shelving. I had seen that type of shelving for sale at stores like Wal-mart and Target, where it mostly comes in drab plain old white. I did see a few sets in black, but I really want my items to pop off the shelves, and with the black shelving, my items would just sort of meld into the background.

For a moment I considered trying to find something else, but then something clicked inside my head. I'd recently made over my plastic patio furniture using Krylon Fusion spray paint, so why not just paint the shelving whatever color I want?

I was going to go for gray, but when I saw the Krylon Fusion For Plasic Fusion Hammered in silver, I couldn't resist. And the painting was easy: full coverage in only two coats. It took about two cans for a set of four shelves, so the price is nice.

I've since decided to use this shelving in my craft area when not vending at craft fairs. It looks too good to just store away!


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