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Epsom salt in your garden

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Spring garden flowers (tulips, daffodils, etc) by Flickr user Annia316.With the arrival of Spring to the Northern Hemisphere, it's just about time to get to work in the garden.

I've mentioned before that I don't have much interest in gardening per se, but that I love to grow roses. Over the autumn and winter, I heard a few tips that I've been itching to put to use. Chief among them is a suggestion that I try Epsom Salt in the soil.

There are two major reasons that Epsom Salt is said to help out in the garden. It helps with chlorophyll production by making it easier for plants to get nutrients from the sun, and it helps them absorb more fertilizing chemicals from the soil, making any applied fertilizers more effective. In some cases, an Epsom Salt solution sprayed onto a plant may even help to ward off pests.

It doesn't build up in the soil, so it's not possible to use too much. But watch out! A few plants, like sage, can't tolerate this magnesium/sulfur mixture at all. For usage instructions specific to various types of plants, and more details on why it works, visit the Epsom Salt Council's Garden Benefits pages.



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