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In about a month, college students across the country will throw their caps in the air to mark the end of their campus careers. It's an exciting time of life that's marked by new jobs, new friends, and often new apartments.

Living on your own isn't quite the same as living with roomies or in a dorm, and even with a shiny new paycheck, things can be tight until you get on your feet.

Erin Doland of Unclutterer (a website which is now, officially, my best friend) recently wrote a guest post at Gen Pink on how to organize your first apartment. The idea here is not to run out to the nearest Container Store and buy every colorful plastic box in sight. Instead, Doland recommends that you:
  • Spend some time thinking about how your kitchen will be used and unpack your boxes accordingly. Glasses near the sink, for instance, and pots and pans near the stove.
  • Ask for household gifts as graduation presents. Since people don't get necessarily get married any more before setting up house, it's too bad we don't throw "first house/apartment" showers instead.
  • Reuse items from your college apartment in a new way. Those milk crates, for instance, can become recycling bins.
  • Prioritize what you need and focus on acquiring that. You'll be amazed by how little it takes to get by.
  • Don't store your trash can under your sink where it can overflow and draw pests.
Let's hear it, DIY Life readers: what kind of advice would you share with first time apartment or home owners to get their living space in shape?



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