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Create a blissful bath

Filed Under: beauty and skin care, health

owen in tubThe quiet stirrings of the water with every slight movement, the all-over soothing warmth, the big wet water hug. Can you tell I enjoy a good bath (as does my son in the picture!)?

Baths can be therapeutic as well as relaxing, and have been for years. Herbs and essential oils can intensify the healing properties of a bath.

Third Age has some great tips on how to create your own amazing bathing experience. They suggest dry brushing before a bath to stimulate blood flow to help release toxins more efficiently.

Some other tips they mention:

  • Brew herbs in a tea pot and add the "tea" to your bath water. No messy herbs in the tub!
  • Drink water or herbal tea while bathing to keep hydrated.
  • Add Epsom salts to restore the body's balance of magnesium, a mineral most of us lack.
They also list herbal blends for muscle pain, skin problems, circulation and colds, and essential oil blends for insomnia and detoxification, among others.

My favorite bath depends on my mood, but you can't go wrong with lavender or rose otto for a relaxing, therapeutic tub. Off to soak now....



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