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Program a MSP430 microcontroller pt. 3

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Programming connections
Newer MSP430's use a two wire programming/debugging connection called "SPY-BI-WIRE". The programming connection is a bit simpler than that for the PIC microcontroller. The PIC uses a three wire interface with a high programming voltage, the MSP430 uses a two wire interface without the high programming voltage. This eliminates a diode from the programming header layout. Read more about PIC programming connections in my PIC programming tutorial. The MSP430 programming pins are dedicated, they can't be used for general purpose IO.

This is the reset pin that already has a 47K resistor to power (R1). The programmer also exchange data on this pin during programming and debugging.

This is a dedicated pin for the programming and debugging clock signal.

MSP430 Connections(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Basic MSP430 connectionsMSP430 programming connectionsMSP430 real time clock crystal

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