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Win $17,000 for your yard

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WinWhenever I travel I spend hours watching HGTV in my hotel room. It is a guilty pleasure because I don't have television service at home. In case you're like me and don't always spend hours watching home improvement networks you might not know about the Troy-Bilt Love-Your-Yard sweepstakes.

The winner receives $3,000 in cash to implement Justin Cave's personal plan for your yard. The winner will also receive a riding mower, push mower, tiller, and string trimmer that converts to an edger, leaf blower, and hedge trimmer.

You can enter once per day and the contest closes on May 25, 2008.


  • Olivia-Kay

    Is this the Ryan Mcfarland from holt, MI? If so this is pretty sweet...and funny running into you here on a green site, didn't know you were green. haha!

  • Ryan McFarland

    I'm afraid not. Born in PA, raised in NY, and now live in Alaska.

  • tpayne1844

    I am moving in two years but do not know how to drive in snow. Is it hard and how many months does it snow in Alaska?

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