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While re-screening your window screens isn't brain surgery or rocket science, it does call for a keen eye for detail and a somewhat steady hand. Spring is here or getting here, depending on where you call home. One of the upsides of that are those glory days where we don't have to run the air conditioner or the heater. Money in the bank!

So, good window screens are called for to keep the pesky insects at bay. A trip to a repair shop will convince you to tackle re-screening yourself. Older screening material was metal, and frankly, a royal pain in the butt to work with. Today's is more along the lines of a nylon, fiberglass, or other composite. Quite user friendly.

The process is straightforward; remove all the old screen and splines and replace. The only real trick is getting the proper stretch. I've found it best to use a north-south, then east-west approach. A bit of practice and you'll be the envy of your neighbors in no time flat.

Before you go to the store for tools and supplies, take a sample of the existing spline (a round rubber strip that retains the screen material in the slot). Several sizes are available; you'll need the same size spline and spline tool.


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