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Flip these rugs!

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dining room with green and taupe rug
I never liked my living room rug. I purchased under duress, when we had just moved into our home and needed a rug fast.

My dining room is another story. I adore the rug in there, but I don't care for the overall look of the room. What I had hoped would be dramatic and even a little exotic turned out to just be too dark and missing that "certain something."

Then it occurred to me. Why not flip these rugs? So in the spirit of FreeStyle and Flip This House, I set off to do just that.

Peruse my gallery to see the before and after photos, and join me after the break for more details of "the flip."

Flip these rugs!(click thumbnails to view gallery)

black ruggreen rugliving room beforeliving room afterdining room before

Where the lighter shades of green just washed out my living room, the rug I never liked takes on a whole new earthy quality in my dining room. It lightens and brightens the room and ties in with the greens from the nature photographs hanging on the walls. It even has some reds in the pattern which pick up the two different reds of the walls quite nicely.

In the living room, the black rug makes a statement. It picks up the black accents I already had in place in the room, like the side tables and the picture frames. It adds drama and interest to a room I was bored with, and inspires me to add some finishing touches that i have been meaning to do for a long time.

Why didn't I think of this before?


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