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tattoo of a cherub in a light blue dress holding a red roseTattoos are fun and a beautiful artistic way to express yourself. I believe it gives other people an image of who we really are as individuals. While I dearly love my two tattoos, I didn't appreciate the pain that I had to endure to be marked for life.

If you love tattoos and want to forgo the pain of the needle, you can make your own temporary tattoos and print them out on your inkjet printer. Crafty Computer Paper has step by step instructions for you to follow, or you can download their instruction sheets. Their temporary tattoos are water based and non toxic, making them friendly for all skin types.

The company recommends that you try a very small practice tattoo on kids before applying a larger one to make sure that their skin doesn't negatively react to the ink. To remove the temporary tattoos ,just scrub the tattooed area with hot soapy water, or if you want to strut your stuff, the tattoos can be left on your skin for up to a week.


  • Francesca Clarke

    I'm going to try this with the boys. They'll love it!
    Your cherub is super cute :-)

  • Crafty Computer Paper

    Just to let you know that we produce the inkjet tattoo paper mentioned in the articles and blog entry. We have had great interest in the product but just wanted to say that we now have a laser version of tattoo paper. You print it off using a laser printer and apply in the same way as the inkjet version. It is very thin indeed and very convincing.
    Charlotte from Crafty Computer Paper

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