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yellow and turquoise broom propped in cornerI don't know about you, but taking on the task of spring cleaning seems monumental. I mean really, in the long run, do I care if my ceiling is dusted or if my draperies are laundered?

If I were to buckle down and actually clean out my kitchen cabinets or dust my vents, I'd use these checklists as a resource. Because they are broken down by room, they actually make spring cleaning seem do-able.

For instance, the bedroom checklist gives a step-by-step guide on what you should clean in your bedroom. Starting with a basic cleaning, you then move on to dusting the ceiling, cleaning the ceiling fans, washing draperies and bedding, dusting and cleaning out the closets.

There are handy tips at every step, like to make sure to clean under the bed, and how to pass the time joyfully.

Will I spring clean? I'm not sure I will do a full-blown cleaning, but I may use some of the tips and ideas from this checklist and do a task or two when I have the inclination.

Somehow, having a checklist and being able to cross off what you have finished always seems to make a task less daunting.



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