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Old TV setNothing sets off a room like a well-lit aquarium filled with fish zooming all over the place. But why settle for a conventional fish tank? For a really cool-looking set-up, convert that old console TV into the sharpest looking aquarium on the block.

All you need is the old TV (of course), an aquarium that's the same size as (or slightly smaller than) the TV screen, and all the usual aquarium accessories. The TV console will look better if you refinish it. Leave the old knobs on; you can reconfigure them to control the aquarium lights.

Just carefully remove the crt and guts and replace them with the fish tank. Once you get the whole thing set up, you'll be set to watch the show that never has commercials or re-runs!


  • Nate

    I used an old RCA for my TV Fish Tank... Careful with removing the capacitors but when you do... You're good to gooo!

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