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Make moth repellent sachets

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muslin bag with scattered dried lavender budsSince you should be storing your winter clothes right about now, you may be thinking about non-toxic alternatives to moth balls. If you aren't you should be. Not only can accidental ingestion make a person or pet very sick, but just inhaling the vapors can cause a health hazard.

It is really easy to make your own moth repellent sachets, and they actually smell good. No harmful vapors, no toxins, just herbs, spices, and wood chips.

You'll need cheesecloth or muslin bags, and any combination of the following dried herbs:
  • lavender buds
  • cedar chips
  • cloves
  • rosemary
  • mint
  • thyme
  • cinnamon sticks
  • eucalyptus
  • peppercorns
  • dried lemon peel

Tip Nuts has some specific recipes for combining these herbs into sachets to repel moths. However, it is really easy just to take a bit of your favorites from the list, fill a muslin bag (or some cheesecloth tied with a pretty ribbon) and place among your winter clothes.

If you want to make them extra pretty, see Anna's post on repurposing vintage tablecloths into lovely sachets.



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