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man loading trash and wood into dumpster bagAround my house, we are always looking to purge. It's tough when two packrats unite, believe me. Since I really love my husband, the two of us need to learn to love our stuff a little less.

I think he is making progress. Arriving home from the local hardware store a few days ago, he was very excited to tell me about a new product he saw there called the "Bagster." A lightweight bag with the strength of a steel dumpster, on sale at Rocky's Hardware? Very cool, but it gets cooler.

Once you use this little sucker, you make a phone call or go online to schedule a pickup. For a fee, a truck will come and take it away.

The bag itself costs $29.95 and the pickup fee for my area is $139.00 for the first bag and $119.00 for all subsequent bags included in the same pickup. This is far more affordable -- and convenient -- than a typical dumpster rental, which starts at over $300.00 for the smallest size in my area, usually with some fees attached.

While we love to use Freecycle, good will and other planet-and-people-friendly ways to help our junk live on, there is some that we just wouldn't wish on anybody. That is where the Bagster could come in handy. It would also be great for disposing of home project waste, such as old drywall.

So will we finally clean out our basement? I'm not sure, but just knowing where to throw all of the unusable junk is a baby step, right?


  • Matt Petty

    In the UK, we call dumpsters 'skips', and you can get big strong expensive metal skips or more recently, skip bags, like or Often the price includes the bag, delivery, collection and disposal.

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