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grass couch by Ready Made magazineOrganic furniture is all the rage. Tree stump benches and natural outdoor spaces fill the pages of the most popular home decorating magazines.

How far would you take this? Consider building an outdoor seating area complete with a grass arm-chair and couch. Styleo points us to a tutorial in the print version of Ready Made magazine, which outlines the steps. Working together with nature to create these inspired pieces of organic furniture is the perfect way to reunite your green thumb with your inner diva.

Basically, you pot soil into a chair frame, then plant the grass seed. After about 10 days, the grass will start to grow. When it reaches about 10cm long, you're ready to cut it down and reveal the chair design. You'll have to maintain it regularly if you want to avoid sitting in an overgrown mess. Remember, with all the maintenance, consider using a non-pollutant mower, and minimize your water usage.

There has been a comment that the tutorial is not easy to follow. I think this basic concept would lend itself to any number of design modification, so use it as inspiration, and see where it takes you.

Sleek, stylish, and environmentally progressive, you will definitely be the talk of the town (either as "Check out their cool lawn couch!" or "Who is that nut down the road with a chair made out of grass?").



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