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Make a throw blanket out of bandanas

Filed Under: sewing, gifts, knock it off

Red and blue bandana throw blanketI have a healthy collection of bandanas. I decided, if I can't figure out something to do with them, I've got to throw them out. I have entirely too much stuff!

I was delighted when I found this tutorial on how to make a throw blanket out of bandanas.

I've found bandanas in lots of department stores, online stores, and even ebay. You can find all sorts of colors, styles, and designs. I've found all sorts of them, like penguins, skulls, cupcakes, Dora, Disney Princess, Tinkerbell, Betty Boop, Harley Davidson, and even your original design in funky, non-traditional colors.

The tutorial reads well, and has lots of wonderful pictures to accompany you on your blanket-making journey. You'll need 12 bandanas, 6 for each side, and some batting.

Stitch up 3 rows of 2 bandanas for each side, throw in the batting, sew that sucker up, and you've got an awesome little bandana throw blanket for a nice price. And, not nearly what they'd charge for one of those things in a boutique!

And, if you're interested in other cool ideas for bandanas, check out Anna's post!



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