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drop earrings with silver flower, topaz bicone and pink round stone
Some of that trendy designer jewelry is fabulous, isn't it? Fabulously expensive too.

You know, you don't have to pay those prices if you are even moderately handy with a pair of pliers and have a local bead shop (or don't mind buying beads online, sight unseen).

Pandora has a lovely set of pink opal with flower drop earrings in their new 2008 spring line. Join me after the break to see how you can make a reasonable facsimile of these earrings for far less than the $60.00 they are charging.

Pandora knock-off earrings(click thumbnails to view gallery)

tools for earrings_042008bending headpin_042008cutting headpin_042008making loop_042008jumpring attachment_042008

I've made a few changes to Pandora's design since I couldn't find the exact beads that they used, but it was easy to get "the look" -- and wait until you see the price!

You'll need:

There are a couple of steps involved in assembling these earrings, but it is not difficult if you are patient. The gallery has pictures of these steps to help you follow along.

  1. Thread the sterling silver round beads, the pink opal (or rhodonite) beads and the crystals onto the headpins.
  2. Use the round nose pliers to bend the headpin about 1/4 inch from the top of the last bead, at a 90 degree angle.
  3. Cut the excess headpin off with the cutting pliers, leaving another 1/4 inch or so.
  4. Thread one link of the flower onto the headpin and use the round nose pliers to close the loop.
  5. Open your jumpring using needle nose pliers.
  6. Insert the link on the flower (opposite the one you've already attached to the headpin) and the loop on the earhook into the jumpring.
  7. Close the jumpring using flat nose pliers or a jumpring closer.

You've finished!

Prices quoted are approximate, but they give you the idea that you don't have to pay 60.00! Keep in mind that the prices I quoted were the most expensive. If you order more than 15 assorted items, your price will drop considerably, and so on. If you went to your local bead store, they would also probably be a bit more.

Your total? only 2.11 for a quality knock-off of 60.00 earrings. Dude, go get some pliers.



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