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Tired threads? Swap them at Rehash

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clothes in a closet
I love clothes and accessories, mixing and matching to make new and interesting outfit combinations. I can hunt for thrift store treasures, and create my own DIY fashion pieces, but I'm constantly cycling new things in and sending the old to Goodwill.

I also love trendy accessories, but try to make the few I have go a long way because I just can't afford to replenish the stock with any regularity. What I really need is a network of people doing the same thing, who love cool finds and want to swap stuff.
Enter Rehash. Rehash connects people looking to trade clothing and accessories. You can join a social network and find people with similar needs. These groups range from narrow geographical specifications to broader fashion and style interests.

This can be a great way to source out a rare vintage find, or expand your collection of designer handbags without shelling out the big bucks. Keep your closet fresh this spring by getting rid of stuff you don't wear, and swapping them for things you will. And needless to say, this is a great way to find those rare pieces you've been coveting for your next DIY fashion creation.

[via: Lifehacker]


  • Jennifer Tankersley

    What a great idea! I will definitely be checking out Rehash. I could use a complete new wardrobe!

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