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Win a hot-dog-eating contest

Filed Under: food, miscellaneous, recreation

man eating a hot dogCompetitive eating has always baffled me. I must be missing something, because it sure is a popular sport.

The winners are never who I'd imagine them to be. A slight girl like Sonya Thomas can often out-eat some of the biggest guys, ones you'd imagine have stomachs 5 times her size.

So what's the trick? How does she manage to put these big burly men in their place, over and over again? Technique.

These four steps will help you win a hot-dog-eating contest. Step 1 involves preparing your stomach by stretching it out. In step 2 you will develop an eating method and refine the tricks that best work for you. I can barely read these training instructions without feeling my gag reflex kick into action, but step 3 explains why you would want to learn (with supervision) how to control this important survival reflex. Finally, like training for any other competition, you'll want to time all your practices. Continually set new records, and work towards breaking them with each attempt.

Intimidated by the competitive hot-dog-eating techniques? Why not train for a pie-eating contest instead? Now that's something I could get into!



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