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Concrete coasters with embedded glass image pebbles, by Kathy Cano-Murillo, aka Crafty Chica.Back in September of last year, I wrote a comprehensive tutorial for making marble magnets, an easy project in which images are placed under little glass bubbles in a way that really makes them come alive. In that post, I mentioned that the image pebbles could also be used in other projects, like concrete mosaics.

Kathy Cano-Murillo, one of my favorite craft gurus, recently posted the kind of mosaic project I was talking about: Concrete Coasters. The process for making them is similar to making a mosaic tabletop or paving stone, on a smaller scale.

After creating the image marbles, you mix concrete and pour it into coaster molds, then embed the marbles in the molded material and allow it to dry for at least a day. After removing the concrete coaster from its mold, you varnish it to seal it, and add felt padding to the bottom; if you like, you can further decorate the coasters until you end up with something like Kathy's results.

The one thing I would do differently than Kathy? I don't think white glue (also called PVA glue) is the best thing for gluing images to marbles; glass isn't porous, and that kind of glue is most appropriate for porous materials. I recommend using E-6000 glue instead. However, the fact that you're sealing the marbles in concrete probably makes it a moot point.

[via Craft.]


  • Crafty Chica

    Thank you for the shout out!! I actually did it way back in 2002 (, and reposted it on my site because I didn't have time to make anything new that week. It's been linked all over the place! I'll have to repost more often! I've also covered an entire concrete bench with this technique a few years ago, which was great - but here in AZ it gets so hot and the bench was in direct sunlight - and some of the pebbles cracked. :-( Overall, it is super fun! I *heart marble picture stuff*, your tutorial is great!!! Love, love, love the site!!!! Peace, love, and glitter!!
    Kathy :-)

  • M.E. Williams

    Aww, hi Kathy! It's great to hear from you. I love these coasters... the way you finished them has a slightly medieval, ecclesiastical look that I enjoy. I think you also have some shout-outs in posts I did on your suitcase painting project last year and on the long, long thing I wrote for Day of the Dead. Anyway, I'm super-glad you dropped in!

  • Crafty Chica

    You are so cool! I appreciate all you do! I'm a faithful reader!!! Thank you!!

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