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Create sidewalk art with free stencils

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sidewalk art of frog on lily padThe weather is finally right for your budding artist to let loose on the driveway. After you've made Bethany's homemade sidewalk chalk, print out some of these stencils to help your child create a masterpiece.

I wouldn't be a former teacher and art student if I didn't say that freehand is best to encourage creativity, but that there is also something to be said for the skill of staying in the lines. The best way to use the stencils would be to incorporate them into a freehand design, so I'll suggest ways to do that for each stencil design.

Since you'll be using these stencils outside, use cardstock to print them. They will be much sturdier and possibly even reusable. Then, just cut out the designs using pointed scissors or an exacto knife. Join me after the break for some fun ways to decorate your driveway, kid style.
Are dogs what your kid loves? Let them create their dream dog, then stencil some paw prints or a dog house. Then, your kids can decorate the dog house in any crazy way their creativity will let them.

Creating an underwater ocean scene is a favorite for any kids who have seen Nemo, so let them design the craziest fish they can think of. They can use some of the sea stencils to add starfish, a dolphin and a seahorse.

How about the beach next to that underwater scene? Have your kids create the boat of their dreams, then stencil a palm tree next to it. You'll want to vacation there with them!

Has the garden bug bitten everyone in your home this spring? I bet your kids can draw the most beautiful flower garden of all. They can add a detailed sunflower to their garden, a daffodil, or a rose.

You don't have to let stencils restrict your kids' creativity. Go wild with that sidewalk chalk and don't forget to take pictures!


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