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Kiddie Crafts: Fingerprint stationery

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With so many occasions, and such crafty kids, I often wonder if the little gifts we give end up becoming more clutter, collecting dust at Grandma's house. For this week's Kiddie Craft, we set out to make a creative Mother's Day gift that is personal and unique, but also useful.

We're making fingerprint stationery. Grab some plain card-stock, envelopes, a colorful ink-pad, and your little one's precious fingers. Press their small fingerprints into pictures on the card-stock. Finish them off with a decorative ribbon, and you will have created a memorable Mother's Day gift. You won't see a washcloth in the materials image, because somehow I neglected to predict this oh-so-necessary item, but trust me, you'll need one!

You can check out the finished cards in the gallery. After the break I'll walk you through the flower, rainbow, and hand-print designs. Use those ideas, or take a little inspiration from our craft and come up with ideas of your own.

Fingerprint stationery(click thumbnails to view gallery)

MaterialsTake their printsMake a printThe flowerSign and date the back

These simple fingerprint designs keep the cards looking clean and classic: something that will actually get used outside of thank-you cards for children's gifts. Grandma will admire the tiny fingerprints that created these timeless designs. She'll also love having the cards on hand for writing friends and family, while sharing a little piece of her grandchildren.

I've done my share of finger-painting with the children, but the ink shows the smallest fingerprint features in a way that finger-painting never could. Each intricate line is so clear that you can really see how each tiny fingerprint comes together to make the image.

You could do any number of designs, but we chose a few basic ones. The flower, rainbow and hand-print are all easy, even for the smallest fingers. Make sure that their fingers press firmly on the paper. Lift them off gently, otherwise you'll end up with lots of smudging.

The flower
First put one green fingerprint in the middle. Let your child choose the petal colors, then carefully press their inked fingers around the center. Draw a stem, and have them add two more green fingerprints for leaves.

The rainbow
My boys enjoyed this one because it involved less of me manipulating their fingers, and more of their own freehand. Your child can ink their finger in a color, and draw an arc on the card-stock. Follow that by the next color until the rainbow is complete.

The hand-print
This is pretty self-explanatory, but if you're using a multi-color ink pad, I will warn you against mixing the colors. Rub their hand in the ink, place it firmly on the front of the card-stock, and lift their hand carefully to avoid smearing the ink.

I plan to give these little card sets as a Mother's Day gift, but you could always keep a batch on hand for your own notes. I'm thrilled with how these turned out, and excited to give them to Grandma on May 11.


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