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Build an earthworm habitat

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earthworm habitat by Bethany Sanders on FlickrWhy study earthworms? They may not be pretty, but earthworms have an important role in creating healthy soil that supports life everywhere.

Kids are fascinated by living creatures, and they have a lot to learn from worms. They can learn about their unique form of locomotion, or that earthworms have a highly developed digestive system that creates healthy soil out of decomposing materials. Possibly most important of all, kids can learn that all creatures have a role in a functioning ecosystem, including the lowly worm.

An earthworm habitat is not only fun to make, it's an easy way to observe worm behavior up close. Because this project requires the handling of live creatures, an important first lesson is how to respect life while also studying it. Worms need to be handled gently. They also need a safe environment while in captivity, including food and moisture. When the project is finished, they should be carefully returned to the safety of a shady spot of soil.

Ready to get started? Check out the gallery below!

Create an earthworm habitat(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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  • diane.rixon

    Love it! I especially love the catch-study-release concept. I hate it when people let kids catch and keep wild creatures.

  • randi

    A friend gave this 'observation' worm farm to us from . It's really neat as it came with some live worms, and because it has different colored dirt you can see how they move through the soil. A very worthwhile learning experience.

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